PHP Framework Interoperability Group

Those who have worked with me in recent history know that I’m rather passionate about reuse and interoperability. Holding that in mind it should not come as a surprise that I’m very happy to announce Wikidata and Semantic MediaWiki are now represented on PHP FIG.

PHP FIG stands for “PHP Framework Interoperability Group”. The goal of this group is to enhance communication between the participating PHP projects and thus facilitate better collaboration. The PSR standards are the most obvious product of this. Since Wikidata and SMW are now represented, we have one vote on upcoming standard proposals \o/

For me this is an additional channel via which I can contribute back to the more awesome parts of the wider PHP community.

If you are not familiar with the PSR standards yet, I highly recommend you have a look at them. Also consider following the FIG mailing list.

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  1. FIG, is very good group and it helps many developer in a most possible way.

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