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DataValues Geo 0.1.1 released

I’m happy to announce the release of DataValues Geo 0.1.1. DataValues Geo is a library containing value objects to represent geographical information, parsers to turn user input into such value objects, and formatters to turn them back into… Read More

Validator 0.4.3:introducing auto-documentation

It’s been a while since the previous release of Validator, but this minor update includes some cool new functionality. As I was creating the SubPageList extension and it’s documentation (at 27c3!), it occurred to me that to document… Read More

New MediaWiki extension: SubPageList

During 27c3 someone asked me to install an extension to list subpages onto the hackerspace.be wiki. I picked SubPageList3, as it seemed to most decent one. I did a simple test to see if it was working, and… Read More

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.7.1 released

Maps 0.7.1 and Semantic Maps 0.7.1 are now available for download. The main new feature in this release is the long awaited images as layers. It allows you to display images with OpenLayers, so users can pan and… Read More

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.7 beta 1

An early beta of the next big release of the Maps and Semantic Maps extensions is now available for download. The most notable new features in this release are tag extension support for all the Maps parser functions,… Read More

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6.4 released

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6.4 are now available for download. This release contains several new features, amongst which basic KML support for Google Maps, a new OSM service implementation and re-added service links support to the Geographical Coordinates… Read More

Semantic Maps 0.6 – almost there?

I’ve been working on Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6, the next big, awesome, release of both MediaWiki extensions, for over a month now. I also released an early alpha on the 3th of April. All planned new features… Read More

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.5.4 released!

Yesterday I released Maps and Semantic Maps 0.5.4. This is a minor update which mainly brings additional stability and security to the 0.5.x branch. It contains several bug fixes, a few code improvements and some security fixes. Check… Read More

Validator 0.2 released

Today I released Validator version 0.2, on which I’ve been working the last 2 days. It features massive rewriting to make it more flexible, and has some added functionality. Let’s have a look at what changed. The most… Read More

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.5 released

Earlier today, versions 0.5 of Maps and Semantic Maps where released. Some mayor new features where added, and a whole bunch of things have been refactored. I also did some effort to improve the documentation by adding some… Read More