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SubPageList extensionDuring 27c3 someone asked me to install an extension to list subpages onto the wiki. I picked SubPageList3, as it seemed to most decent one. I did a simple test to see if it was working, and immediately found a namespace bug. So I decided to quickly rewrite it and also let it use Validator for additional awesomeness.

Strangely enough, although there where SubPageList2 and SubPageList3 extensions, there was no SubPageList extension to be found anywhere in the WMF SVN repo or the wiki, so I decided to simply take that name. The extension should be backwards compatible with SubPageList3.

I spend 5 hours or so doing the rewrite, and have released an initial version yesterday. Seems to work fine and is currently in use on It requires Validator 0.4.2 or above, and is the first extension making full use of new the auto-documentation functionality Validator 0.4.3 introduces (more on that in a later blog post).


4 thoughts on “New MediaWiki extension: SubPageList”

  1. Hi dude!

    Awesome job with the rewrite! It’s working great!

    I would like to add a request for a parameter to have the ability to not show deleted sub-pages (deleted pages are shown), that would be great!

    Keep up the good work!

    PS. Please send me an e-mail if you intend to implement this feature. D.S

  2. Ignore my last comment. Deleted sub-pages does not show up. Didn’t know the list updated with every edit of a page and not just a refresh.

    Thanks for rewriting it again!

  3. Great work with this. The only question I have is: Is it possible to make the list update everytime it is requested?
    For example:
    I have
    in pages which shows Jan and Feb in 2011.
    When I add the page 2011/Mar, I have to edit then save the 2011 page before Mar shows.

    Thanks again!

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