Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6.4 released

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6.4 are now available for download. This release contains several new features, amongst which basic KML support for Google Maps, a new OSM service implementation and re-added service links support to the Geographical Coordinates data-type in Semantic Maps. Everyone running 0.6.2 or older is advised to upgrade as soon as possible.

Lets have a closer look at some of the changes:

  • The Google Maps (v2) service now has a KML parameter, which allows you to specify one or more KML files to use. Files are separated with comma’s. The base for this feature was submitted by Andy Chow, who created it for Transit Unlimited wiki. A neat example of a map there using KML is this one. Thanks for the patch Andy!
  • There again is an OpenStreetMap service, although this one is different from the one that got removed in 0.6. The implementation is done by embedding (in an iframe) a page from the WMF toolserver, which renders a map with OSM tiles and Wikipedia overlay. Example. It’s basically the same what’s done on the German Wikipedia. Credits here go to Tim Alder and all other people who are making the awesome toolserver stuff work. The reason the creation of the map is not done on the server running the MediaWiki installation itself is that it’s rather difficult to fetch the Wikipedia layer from the toolsever. Hopefully a solution is found for this, as that would be a lot cooler for non WMF usage.
  • I re-added service links support for the Geographical Coordinates data-type in Semantic Maps after someone requested this. It got removed in 0.6, as the old implementation was not working anymore, and I was unsure at that point how to create a new one. You can find the updated documentation on this here, although the examples are not working yet ( is using an alpha of 0.6). I will migrate the examples to the mapping documentation wiki at some later date.
  • OpenLayers i18n (translation of the controls) should now be working. A style fix has also been made which caused OpenLayers to render badly in Chrome.
  • Multiple small bugfixes have been made in both extensions, and a few in Validator. I guess this is now be the most stable release to date yet, so be sure to upgrade!

For a full list of changes since 0.6.3 see changes to Maps and changes to SM.

Semantic Maps 0.6.4 dependencies


  • Maps 0.6.4: zip, 7z
  • Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6.4: zip, 7z

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