Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6.5 released

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6.5 are now available for download. This release contains mainly internal changes to improve code modularity and fix some security concerns. Several bugs have been fixed as well, and a new hook has been added to Semantic Maps. This hook will get you the map format as default one for queries where you only ask for coordinates when using SMW 1.5.2 or above. For a full list of changes since 0.6.4 see changes to Maps and changes to SM. Everyone running 0.6.2 or older is advised to upgrade as soon as possible. 

This release is notable for it being the first one in which I’m happy with the code-base as a whole. It took me a year to get here, but now I think the way the mapping extensions work is good and solid. This means you can now extend Maps and not be afraid the code will be incompatible in a few weeks due to changes. This also means that I’ll be focusing more on actual functionality rather then refactoring in future releases. I’ll be progressively building a little guide that explains how the extensions work from a developers perspective and how to extend them.

I might release another minor update in the 0.6.x series if any significant issues are found in 0.6.5. Further plans are finishing up a bunch of changes I’ve started to make in Validator, which I’ll probably release as 0.4 then, and to start working on Maps and Semantic Maps 0.7, which would aim at adding new features and improving existing ones. A likely new feature I’m particularly looking forward to implementing is several tag extensions that do the equivalent of the current parser functions added by Maps. The timetable for all this depends a lot on which other things I get cough up in (I’ll probably continue putting effort into the deployment stuff for my GSoC project) and what kind of funding will be available.


  • Maps 0.6.5 [zip7z]
  • Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6.5 [zip7z]

You can also view the release announcement at the documentation wiki.

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