MediaWiki Deployment: Modifying the new installer

I got a new diagram!!!1!11!! It’s based on my previous one, but slightly more elaborate, and a lot less messy, as I now used Dia to create it 🙂

MediaWiki deployment diagram


  • Striped lines: Existing components where code will be copied from, or based upon.
  • Full lines: Components of the complete deployment model.
  • Thick full lines: Core components (of the deployment model) that I definitely want to have completed during GSoC.

Since my previous post about my Google Summer of Code project I have been poking at the new MediaWiki installer to see what’s there already, how it is there, and how I can integrate it with the above deployment model. I’ve made a bunch of style and documentation improvements while going over the code, and renamed some things to make more sense. And I had Tim Starling clean up a bad svn commit I made 😛

So what I’m doing now is splitting the current ‘Installer’ class, which is part of the new installer, into 2: Installer and CoreInstaller. Installer will hold general installer functionality and be part of the whole deployment model, while CoreInstaller will hold installer functionality specific to core, and will be part of the new installer. After that I can create an initial version of CoreInstallers counterpart: ExtensionInstaller.

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