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The Wikidata phase3 software components

Work on the long awaited query functionality for the Wikidata project has already happened during a period of several months. Since queries are a completely disjoint feature set from the existing functionality, we decided to put it into… Read More

Nyan review

Code review is fun!

Wikibase DataModel: Entity v2

In a recent blog post I introduced the new Term classes introduced in Wikibase DataModel 0.7.3. It also outlined plans for making some big changes to the Entity class and it’s derivatives. We have now taken the most… Read More

Wikibase DataModel 0.7.3 released

I am happy to announce the 0.7.3 release of Wikibase DataModel. Wikibase DataModel is the canonical PHP implementation of the Data Model at the heart of the Wikibase software. It is primarily used by the Wikibase MediaWiki extensions,… Read More

Diff 1.0 released!

I’m very happy to announce the 1.0 release of the PHP Diff library. Diff is a small PHP library for representing differences between data structures, computing such differences, and applying them as a patch. For more details see… Read More

Status of the new Wikibase (de)serialization code

A quick update on the status of the new serialization and deserialization code for Wikibase, the software behind Wikidata. For a long time now, we’ve had two serialization formats. One intended for external usage, and one intended for… Read More

PHP Framework Interoperability Group

Those who have worked with me in recent history know that I’m rather passionate about reuse and interoperability. Holding that in mind it should not come as a surprise that I’m very happy to announce Wikidata and Semantic… Read More

Wikibase DataModel released!

I’m happy to announce the 0.6 release of Wikibase DataModel. This is the first real release of this component. DataModel? Wikibase is the software behind Wikidata.org. At its core, this software is about describing entities. Entities are collections… Read More