Semantic MediaWiki: Google Summer of Code

Are you a student, do you want to have an awesome job during the holiday and do you want to make an impact on the world? Then definitly check out the amazing Google Summer of Code program! In a nutshell: Google Summer of Code (or GSoC for short) is a program in which Google sponsors students to work on open source projects during the summer holiday. This allows students to get real world experience while being mentored by experts in the field and gets the open source projects potential long term contributors.

One of the open source projects I’m involved with, Semantic MediaWiki, is applying this year as mentoring organization. Although no organizations have been officially accepted yet into GSoC, we are confident we’ll be able to mentor at least two students and already have over a dozen high quality proposals. Check them out!

You can contact me or any of the other people that enlisted themselves as mentor on that page for questions and advice.

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