Moving to Berlin

hree days ago I moved from Gent (in Belgium) to Berlin for at least a year. This is because I will be working on WikiData for Wikimedia Germany, an awesome project that will bring semantic capabilities to Wikipedia.

Although I have moved to Berlin, I do not have my own apartment yet and am currently staying at a private room in shared apartment thing for a month, by which I hope to have found something more permanent. I have not found anything so far, many due to looking for something that’s fully furnished, in a quit neighborhood, not over 900 eur/month with everything includes (ie heating, interwebs, commission, ect) and within 15 to 20 mins walking distance from where the office will be. Turns out not a lot of stuff matches all these criteria :)

So far I’m definitely enjoying Berlin, which I think is a great city. I became a member of c-base, the huge and awesome hackerspace of Berlin and already met quite some interesting people there, including some of my soon to be colleagues on WikiData.

More on WikiData here.

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