One day’s worth of work on Maps

Today I finished refactoring the parser function handling classes (in Maps) for each service and also fixed the php/js logic issue. After that I took care of a variety of to-do’s, including the centre parameter, support for all OpenLayers controls, the display of title’s and labels for markers and the adding of the Google Maps ‘physical’ map type to the map type selector control when it’s set. Here you have a nice screenshot demonstrating the last 2 features:

Maps displaying a Google Maps map with physical map type and a marker with popup

|address=Moscow, Russia
|title=Moscow (Russia)
|label=Moscow is the capital and the largest city of Russia. It is also the largest metropolitan area in Europe.

There are only 2 to-do’s remaining before I can release version 0.2 of both extensions: multi-geocoder support and OSM base layers for OpenLayers maps. Both are proving to be quite a challenge though. I was planning to create a central system for the geocoders, both the ones used in parser functions, and in form inputs, but this is proving to be extremely difficult to achieve. I therefore will probably just go for separate systems (unless I find an easy way to do the original plans).

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