Zend Studio 6.1.2

Zend Studio - A popular PHP IDEWhile working on Maps and Semantic Maps, I needed to refactor some class names, and tried to use the refactor tool of Zend Studio, the PHP IDE of my choice. The only thing that happened was an error popping up though. After some searching on the web and posting that problem on multiple help forum’s, someone suggested that I should install the latest version of Zend. At that moment I was using Zend Studio version 6.0. After looking at the wiki page about Zend Studio, I decided to download the latest release, 6.1.2, and installed it. I then replaced my old ZS with it, and switched to my GSoC workspace. This went really smooth, I didn’t encounter a single error, and apparently fixed the refactoring problem. Now I also have a bunch of new features available to me that came with this new version. Zend studio 7 is in the making, presumably based on the new Eclipse 3.5, and will undoubtedly contain a whole variety of new features to speed up the development process. One more tool to wait for…

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