PHP 5.3 released!

I know, It’s out for just over 2 weeks now, but I just noticed.

On June 30th, the PHP development team announced the release of PHP 5.3.0, which features some truly epic new functionality.

It haz namezpacez!!!1!!!!!!1!11!!! Wooot! 😀 The namespaces are formed a little weird for someone who’s used to .Net and Java, since a backslash ” is used instead of a dot ‘.’ as separator, and namespaces are only indicated by an opening keyword, not by a container with both start and end like in most other languages. Another nice thing that was added are lambda functions. I actually didn’t know you could not do this in PHP, but now you can, one more sign that PHP is making progress. Hopefully PHP 6 will finally be as nice as languages like Java, and shred the reputation of being a crap language.

I can’t wait for starting to develop with this new version, but will have to wait some more till it’s a little more wildly distributed.

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