Maps 3.5 and Semantic Maps 3.3

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of Maps 3.5 and Semantic Maps 3.3.

Both of these are feature releases that bring new functionality, enhancements and bugfixes. They do not contain any breaking changes, and the installation process remains unchanged. Upgrading is thus easy and always recommended.

New in Maps 3.5

  • Added egMapsGMaps3Language setting (by James Hong Kong and Karsten Hoffmeyer)
  • Added osm-mapquest layer for OpenLayers (by Bernhard Krabina)
  • Added license lable to display on “Special:Version” (by Karsten Hoffmeyer)
  • Improved Mobile Frontend support (by James Hong Kong)
  • Added missing Leaflet system messages (by Karsten Hoffmeyer)

New in Semantic Maps 3.3

  • Added userparam support for the map result formats (by James Hong Kong)
  • Made Google Maps initialization more robust (by Karlpietsch)
  • Added missing system messages (by Karsten Hoffmeyer)

Both extensions have now also been tested with PHP 7 and the latest development version of MediaWiki. These are the last releases that will support PHP older than 5.5 and MediaWiki older than 1.23.

I’d like to thank everyone who contributed, which includes the people listed above, the translators on TranslateWiki and everyone that reported issues. Contributions are always welcome. For good starting points, have a look at newcomer tasks for Maps and newcomer tasks for Semantic Maps.

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