SubPageList 1.0 released!

I am happy to announce the immediate release of SubPageList 1.0.

SubPageList is a MediaWiki extension with the following features:

  • Adds a subpages parser hook that you can use to list subpages.
  • Backward compatible with the SubPageList3 extension.
  • Supports various parameters that enable you to customize the subpage list both in content and in layout.
  • Adds a subpagecount parser hook for counting the number of subpages.
  • Fully tested codebase (which minimizes the chance of regressions in the future).
  • Flexible internal API that allows developers to easily add in new behavior.

This release packs a ton of improvements over the last one, which was almost two years ago. Particular attention has been paid to making the extension more maintainable, solid and flexible. The documentation has also been updated and now includes descriptions for all supported parameters.

Installation and usage instructions can be found via the README file.

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