WikiLovesMonuments and the Upload Wizard

As this particular project is coming to and end, I figured I’d do a quick blog post on it.

Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) is a photo contest for European monuments, organized by Wikimedia this September. Last year some JavaScrip hacks on the regular Wikimedia Commons (the media repository for Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects) upload interface where used for this contest. This year the new and completely awesome Upload Wizard (UW) will be used, with configuration optimized for WLM. I created a campaign-based configuration system from the UW and also added a bunch of new settings.

2 new special pages where added. One listing all campaigns, their status, and edit and delete links. This is at Special:UploadCampaigns.

Upload campaign management interface

The other special page handles the edit action and displays a list of all available settings that can be modified for the campaign. This is at Special:UploadCampaign/name.

Upload campaign admin

A campaign can be applied to the UW by adding the “campaign” url parameter with as value the campaign name, ie ?campaign=wlm-be.

One fun thing about the architecture of the campaign system is that the setting support is very generic. I created a new settings class that pulls in the default settings, overrides these with the wikis config (ie PHP vars in LocalSettings.php), passed URL arguments and finally the upload campaign settings if a campaign is specified. I like this kind of setup, as it’s a lot nicer then dealing with over 9000 global variables, and in the meanwhile already applied some variation of it in Semantic Signup and in my new Surveys extension. And I wrote up a more general and powerful version of such setting handling in the Maps extension. Unfortunately this code uses late static bindings and thus requires PHP 5.3, making it not usable in actual code for quite a while :( Another neat thing is that the upload campaign class only specifies a lift of settings that should be configurable for upload campaigns, together with what kind of HTML form input they should be displayed. That info is then merged with the settings obtained from the settings class and put into a FormSpecialPage, which uses HTMLForm to display anything without any further hassle :)

Not used the Upload Wizard before and curious how it works? Go upload some nice stuff to commons then :)

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