That’s right, I’m going on holiday, for no less then 10 days!

This is the first time I’m going on such a long holiday in 3 years, which is longer ago then my first ever blog post. This is also the first holiday during this period in which I won’t have internet access, making it very distinct from events such as the Chaos Communications Congress. I do hope the workaholic in me doesn’t go to insane in those 10 days :) Out of precaution I did copy 3 audiobooks and a bunch of physics lectures onto my MP3 player and got an extra batter pack. I’m hopeless – I know :D

I’m going hiking in Scotland; the real deal, with backpack and tent. I’ve actually done this many times before, once for a full month, but took a 3 year break due to several reasons. Definitely looking forward to it now though.

As I will not have internet access, I won’t be able to do any support related to the software I maintain. For Semantic MediaWiki you can of course just post on the mailing lists or ask on the IRC, where I’m sure one of the other developers or users will help you out. For the other MediaWiki extensions you can simply post on their talk pages. Or email me… I’m so going to die when I see my inbox when I get back :D

I’ll most likely do another blog post about this trip after I have returned.

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