Semantic Result Formats 1.5.3 released

Earlier today I released a new version of the Semantic Result Formats extension. SRF bundles a number of so called “result formats” that can be used in conjunction with Semantic MediaWiki, and allow visualization of queried data.

New tagcloud format

This release introduces a new “tagcloud” format which I created for WikiWorks. It allows displaying queried values in a tag cloud based on how many times they occur in the result set. Several options allow you to specify the minimum and maximum tags sizes, how to increase (logarithmic or linear), how to order the tags and more. The format is enabled by default, so when updating SRF to the latest version, you can immediately use it.

A simple tag cloud displaying several geographical locations.

Improved gallery format

Some significant improvements have been made to the gallery format. Previously it was only able to display images that are returned as subjects in the query result. This is useful in some cases, but forces you to have semantic properties on your image pages, which is not a good approach if you want to have this info on the page the images belong to. Now it’s possible to point to images using a page property and then do a query in which you specify this property points to the images you want to display. An option to disable automatic captions has also been added.

A gallery created via an SMW query with the gallery format

And more…

Several other improvements have also been made, including fixes to the jqplot format by Yaron Koren and some clean-up of the timeline and eventline formats.


Since SRF was lacking a place for release downloads, I created a new Google Code project where they are put now.

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