Switching to Gmail

I’ve been thinking about switching to GMail for a long while now, but didn’t do this since there apparently was no way to forward emails from yahoo! mail to GMail without paying for it. I got so annoyed today though, I did some Google searching, and found a rather hacky, but working, solution.

Yahoo! Mail

Since I won’t use my Yahoo! address any more now, I’m also importing all my emails to GMail. Considering I have over 28k (which is over 3x >9000!), staring in may 2004, this is going to take a while though 🙂


2 thoughts on “Switching to Gmail”

  1. Hey, i’m your downloadlib-Fan, and i’m on gMail, too!
    As you’ve probably found out already, gMail can fetch all your mails from your old account when give it the imap/pop credentials. However, make sure to set your former mail adress as a possible sender adress so that the importet mails will all get sorted correctly in ingoing and outgoing boxes.

    – dartrax

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