Progressbar with percentage

Last few months I haven’t really done a lot of .Net work, apart from the .Net DownloadLib project, and therefore also not released anything. After someone on The Code Project gave me a poke on an update to my custom made ProgressbarWithPercentage component I had promised, I made an update to that component and released it.

ProgressbarWithPercentage is not at version 1.0.10. The changes I made since the last release are:

  • Style support for XP and earlier
  • You can now customize the display format of the percentage

I also updated the demo, to include both an XP and a Vista/Win7 layout, and added a property grid that enables you to change the properties of the progress bars at runtime. On top of that, I decided it was a good idea to create a repository for this component on SourceForge, where you can now freely download and browse the code. I’ve send an update request to TCP with a new version of my article, but this has yet to appear.


Some nice screenshots of the new demo (click to enlarge):

ProgressbarWithPercentage v1.0.10 Vista/Win7 demo

ProgressbarWithPercentage v1.0.10 XP/earlier demo

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