Maps and Semantic Maps 0.3 released

Yesterday evening, I released the 0.3 versions of both Maps and Semantic Maps. The documentation has been given a big overhaul, and now contains up to date info about the latest release in a more easy to comprehend format.

This are my blog posts about the changes in this new version:

A list of all changes can be found on the version history pages of Maps and Semantic Maps.

This is the last version I’m creating as part of my Google Summer of Code project, since it ends next Monday. It’s great that so much work has been done, and the extension turned out so well. But at the same time I’m a little sad GSoC is about to end. I had a wonderful time writing Maps and Semantic Maps, and learned a lot of new things, including how open source organizations work, some application architectures and of-course some PHP things I didn’t know yet. Anyway, I’m planning to apply for GSoC 2010 as soon as that’s possible, although I’m not sure for what project and which open source organization.

I’m planning to still get some work done for 0.4, which has currently only custom layer functionality for OpenLayers scheduled. This is a very important to-do though, since it’s in high demand.

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