Replicator: Wikidata import tool

I’m happy to announce the first release of Replicator, a CLI tool for importing entities from Wikidata. Replicator was created for importing data from Wikidata into the QueryR REST API persistence. It has two big conceptual components: getting… Read More

EntityStore and TermStore for Wikibase/Wikidata

I’m happy to announce the public release of two new PHP libraries that provide services around Wikibase, the software behind Wikidata. They are called QueryR EntityStore and QueryR TermStore. Both these libraries provide persistence and lookup services for… Read More

Wikibase DataModel 1.0

I’m happy to announce the 1.0 release of Wikibase DataModel. Wikibase DataModel is the canonical PHP implementation of the Data Model at the heart of the Wikibase software. This is a big release which has been some time in… Read More

Wikibase DataModel released!

I’m happy to announce the 0.6 release of Wikibase DataModel. This is the first real release of this component. DataModel? Wikibase is the software behind Wikidata.org. At its core, this software is about describing entities. Entities are collections… Read More

DataValues library

Last week I released the first version of the DataValues library. This blog post serves as an introduction to that library, explaining the motivations behind it, and providing a historical context. (Originally posted on November 24, 2013) A… Read More

New MediaWiki extension: Spark

Yesterday I quickly wrote up a simple (but awesome) MediaWiki extension that allows you to make use of the Spark library in your wiki. Spark as described on the Spark website: The web is not only growing in… Read More

New MediaWiki extension: Ratings

A few weeks back I started work on a new MediaWiki extension to provide decent rating functionality. The reason: I got sick of all the crappy rating extensions out there and decided to write one that both works… Read More

Some fun with Python

Yesterday I for some reason decided to have some fun with Python by writing a simple script to Find Dead Translation keys in MediaWiki extensions. The resulting script, titled FDT, can be found on GitHub, and is licenced… Read More

Pamela for Android

A few days back I created my second ever Android application, basically a re-do of the first one that was titled “Pamela for Android“, now with the name “PAMELA Widget“. It has the same function: display a list… Read More

New extension: Include WP

Somewhere in the last two weeks I quickly wrote up a small new MediaWiki extension to include content from Wikipedia or some other MediaWiki install into pages on your wiki. It’s titled Include WP. The extension does not… Read More